Types of Slot Games

Slot machines stand as the most widespread of all casino games. Enjoyed by nearly every territory that legalizes gambling, slot machines have managed to garner a following in the millions since their invention back in the late 1800s. During their invention, only one type of the slot machine was available in gambling establishments: classic three-reel games. The advancement in technology since then has led to the production of different slot machine types to be best suited for different players. Today, some slots are offered in three-dimensional technology, which makes them more realistic than ever and immerses the gamer into a world of excitement.

How Many Types Of Slot Machine

Slots can be placed in numerous categories depending on the factors being weighed. Some of the common ways used to categorize slots include:

  • Reels

Reels are the columns on which the slot symbols appear on the screen. In brick and mortar casinos, reels are metal hoops that spin once the lever is pulled, or the spin button is pushed. However, with the recent technological advancements, the columns are displayed on a video screen, just like they are in online casino machines.

The more the number of reels a slot game spot, the more recent it is. Slots that come with three reels are the classic kind. Some of the most popular free classic slots ones include Double Diamond, Seven and Bars, Break Da Bank, Triple Diamond, Irish Gold, Wheel of Wealth, Jumping Beans, Fruit Mania, and Eye of the Kraken.

The newer versions carry five or more reels. The increase in the number of reels makes it possible for gamblers to have larger winnings since it becomes more challenging to achieve a winning combination when using a high number of reels. Below are some common types of casino slot machines based on reels and their most popular pokie machines in each category:

Number of Reels Popular Slots
Three Reels Fantastic 777, Black Diamond, Triple Triple Chance, Golden Dragon
Five Reels Wolf Run, Dolphin Treasure, Miss Kitty, Quick Hit Las Vegas, Enchanted Unicorn, Cash Spin, 20 Super Hot Slot, Lucky 88, Moon Goddess
Six Reels Sizzling Hot Slot, Buffalo Blitz, Red Flag Fleet, Zeus III, Germinator, Raging Rhino
Seven Reels Farming Futures, Lucky 7s, Giovanni’s Gems

The six and seven reel types of casino games are quite new in the slot business, which makes their availability quite rare in online casinos.

  • Availability

The availability of online slot games places them in two categories: online and location-based slots. Land-based casino slots demand that the player visit a brick and mortar establishment to enjoy them. Online slots, on the other hand, are enjoyed on the web. They have proved to be the most popular due to the numerous advantages they have over those in brick and mortar casinos. Web-based slots come with higher payouts than those offered in land-based casinos and wider betting ranges. Additionally, the fact that one does not have to leave the comfort of their home to gamble places online slots at an advantage. Most software produces its slots to be compatible with most operating systems used in smartphones and mobile devices.

However, this does not mean that online slots do not have a set of cons. One of the biggest con of gambling on the web is the inability to access winnings immediately. Unlike the case with land-based casinos, gamblers have to wait between twenty-four hours to ten days to receive their winnings depending on the cashier option being used.

  • Wager denominations

Different slots are built to accept different wager limits. Some are set to accept only pennies – no more no less – while others set the limit as high as five dollars. The penny slots are best suited for low rollers. The dollar and high roller machines appeal best to high rollers. Since the wagers limits differ, so does the payouts. The higher the minimum wage limit, the higher the winnings offered by the slot.

In some cases, slots of higher denominations such as dollar slots may accept low denominations such as pennies and quarters. However, gamblers have to wager a dollar or more on each win line to be eligible for the jackpot being offered.

  • Jackpot status

Two types of jackpots exist in the world of slots: fixed and progressive jackpots. As suggested by the name, fixed jackpot casino slot machines have a set amount that is paid out when the jackpot is triggered and cannot be changed by any factor. In most cases, they are triggered during bonus rounds or by achieving specific icons on the reels. This slot jackpot type is the most popular in location-based casinos. Only fixed odds are needed to trigger the payout.

As for progressive jackpot slots, on the other hand, the amount increases every time a player indulges in the game. Every time a gambler triggers a winning, a portion of the payout is contributed to the jackpot. The jackpot amount increases, the more gamblers indulge in a specific slot, which makes them much larger than the fixed jackpots. This aspect has made them more popular than the fixed jackpot slots. However, the higher number of players involved makes progressive jackpots come with worse odds than those of fixed ones.

  • Number of win lines

In the past, slot machines were developed with the one-win line. The betting line was placed right at the center of the classic three reels. Today, slots come with multiple win-lines that can go as two hundred and forty-three. The increase in the number of paylines featured in slots has provided gamblers with better chances to hit winning combinations. The most common number of win lines lie between five and forty of them.

  • Payout speed

Some slots have been termed as tight while others are regarded as loose. Loose slot games come with more chances for winning combinations than tight slots. However, one can’t tell just how often a slot game pays out, so this factor is entirely dependent on the gambler. The best determinant to use on the payout rate of a slot game is the use of the Return To Player rate.

Slots can be placed in numerous other categories, and one can be sure to find a slot that best suits their style both online and offline. A player should understand the category a slot falls in to tell if it will appeal to their style.