High Roller Bonuses

Overview of High Roller Bonus

There are a lot of gamblers who are skilled, experienced and also well-versed in the intricacies of the casino games. They have developed a knack for playing their favorite titles and in the process get to win at regular intervals. This is when the players feel that they have reached a saturation point as far as low stakes are concerned. If you are in this situation, then it is time to think about moving on and joining the VIP suites offered by the popular high roller online casinos bonus. There are a lot of titles that can be tried out with higher stakes, and this is particularly enticing for gamblers who are ready to make high deposits. They can make use of the VIP room and also join the VIP club where there are plenty of big money titles to be played.

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The gamblers who place stakes with large amounts of cash for a single session are known as high rollers. There is a wide range of online casinos that offer special bonuses for such bettors. There is no doubt that this bonus applies to all types of gamblers and only suits those willing to risk huge money gambling. The people who always like to place higher bets and wager lots of money are also known as whales. Certain online betting sites require you to keep in touch with the customer service to claim your high stakes bonus. The biggest advantage that one enjoys when betting with large sums of money is that he or she can receive tremendous prizes or incentives that are far higher than the standard bonuses.     

Make Good Use of VIP Bonus

In the VIP gambling world, it is all about high roller bonuses or high deposit bonuses. Most of the online sites will multiply the deposit made by the player by a certain value or a certain number to encourage the bettor to bet more to win huge cash prizes. Those who are making use of the VIP promotions and schemes are valuable to the casino and hence are offered with a personal account manager in the first place.

The VIP schemes might include exclusive invitations to try out blackjack and poker titles, high roller tournaments, gifts, special high roller bonuses from time to time, etc. These offers are set aside for the gamblers who are interested in depositing huge amounts of money in their accounts. They also like to bet large and place hefty stakes. These bonuses will offer a certain value or percentage matchup of the high deposits that the bettors make. These players might get to try out special free spins on certain online titles from time to time. All this will help them to place higher deposits and also get a chance to enjoy a higher return of value.

Terms and Conditions to Check for High Roller Bonuses

One of the major things that such player needs to know is that the high roller casino bonuses are always offered with lower wagering requirements than what is offered for the small deposit offers or even the welcome bonus. This is because the gamblers who are ready to play with huge amounts of money are considered to be prime and valuable customers by the betting sites. They will always look to please and offer better options for such gamblers. There is no doubt that the terms and conditions that apply for the standard deposits will completely differ with the terms and conditions of the high roller bonuses.  

Apart from the wagering requirements, it is important that such bettors also have insights into the time available to complete this requirement before the bonus expires. The gifts offered to these big gamblers might be in the form of special offers and promotions, loyalty, or reload bonuses. You can withdraw the winnings along with the bonus amounts in many of the online gaming sites. There is certain jargon that you need to keep in mind when you are betting with loads of real cash when playing in online slots or any other popular casino game.   

  • Bonus

There is maximum free money that you would receive for this specific offer.

  • Percentage

This is the percentage by which your deposit gets multiplied. If you have chosen a 100% bonus for your deposit of saying £100, then you will get an additional amount of £100 credited to your account as soon as you make the deposit. This means that you get to play more as you have £200 in your account.

  • Wagering Requirements

This is the playthrough requirement that all online gambling websites impose on the gambler. This is the number that you need to wager on before you get to withdraw the winnings that you made with the help of a deposit. Suppose, the playthrough term is 20x, and the bonus is £100, then you need to place bets of £100 x 20 = £2000 before you can withdraw your winnings.

Look for High Roller Bonus Codes

Before you make a huge deposit and start to play with high roller bonuses, you need to make sure if the particular website does require the bonus code to grant you a bonus. This code is particularly important if you are looking to make use of the bonus offered for whale players. This will depend on the chosen casino as well as the bonus amount. Certain websites will credit the bonus amount directly to the gambler’s account after the huge deposit is made.

A Parting Thought  

There is no doubt that there are lots of money that are to be won for the whale gamblers at online casinos. These are special promotions provided for the VIP players who are ready to play with large amounts of money. Certain casinos offer customized high roller bonuses based on the customer’s betting and depositing history.