5 No Deposit Bonus

£5 No Deposit Bonus: How to Jump-Start Your Gambling Adventure

There is a way of playing casino games even if you don’t have any money to spend on gambling. And no, we are not talking about the demo versions of these games. We are talking about real casino games played with real money and offering real prizes. Yes, you can play them even without any money and keep the prize, if you are lucky enough to win one. Free £5 no deposit casino bonuses offer you exactly this and more. If you know how to use them, you can gamble like kings for free. And in this article, we aim to do that: below, you can find everything you need to know about 5 free no deposit bonus offers.

What Is a 5 Free No Deposit Bonus and Why Is It Important?

We are sure that you have heard the term “welcome bonus” before. Almost all of the online casinos give a match bonus for the first deposit. This means you get additional money when you deposit money. You can continue to do so after becoming a member and start using reload bonuses, for example. Or, you can take advantage of the cashback bonuses and win back a certain percentage of your losses every week/ month. Thing is, all of these promotions require making a deposit first. To get all these goodies, you must spend money.

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£5 no deposit bonus is not like this. This is its distinctive difference over other bonuses: you don’t need to buy-in to use it. You can get this bonus without spending any money. The only thing you need to do is to register for an account at an online casino site that offers a 5 pound free no deposit bonus. After completing the registration, you will see that there is £5 in your account, waiting for you. You cannot withdraw this money but you can use it to play some specified games, usually slot machines. And if you score a win, it is yours to keep (after completing a wagering requirement).

The most important advantage of free £5 no deposit casino bonuses is the freedom you get. In all other bonuses, you are making a financial commitment to the casino site: you are investing money. This means you cannot simply move away if you don’t like the casino. You cannot abandon your investment. And since wagering requirements can take very long to complete, you will be forced to play at an online casino you don’t like- nobody should be put in this situation.

With a 5 free no deposit bonus, however, you are free to go any time you want. After all, you did not invest anything. You can use a free gambling balance to try out the games and if you do not like what you see, you can simply say “bye-bye” to the casino without losing or risking anything.  Free £5 no deposit casino bonuses give you the power to choose freely, and this is their most important benefit.

Best Casino Games to Play with Free £5 No Deposit Casino Bonuses

A 5 pound free no deposit bonus will give you, well, 5 pounds to use on casino games. This may seem like a small budget but it is more than enough if you play the right games. In other words, there are dozens of different games on gambling sites but some are more suitable to play with a 5-pound budget than others. In this context, our recommendations are:

  • Stay away from the live casino section and progressive jackpot games. Live dealer games usually have the highest table limits, so you can blow your entire budget in a single round. Likewise, progressive jackpot machines usually require you to play with the maximum bet amount to activate the jackpot payout, which severely lowers the number of spins you can make.
  • Penny slot machines are the best games to play with a 5 free no deposit bonus. They cost a single penny to play, so you can get lots of spins even with a 5-pound budget. You can even find a fixed jackpot slot game that falls into the penny slot category.
  • Offline card games (i.e. blackjack, video poker) will also be a good choice but stick with the classic version for better RTP rates. These games have lots of variants with bonus bets, and you should avoid them – they cost much more than the classic versions and offer lower winning chances.

Claiming a 5 Pound Free No Deposit Bonus

Even if this is your first time, it is quite easy to claim a £5 no deposit bonus. It can be done in 5 minutes maximum if you follow the steps below:

  1. Find an online casino that offers this bonus. Don’t waste your time by looking for them on the internet- simply pick one of our recommendations.
  2. Complete the registration and become a member of that casino. And this is the trickiest part: before starting the registration, check the current promotions page and find out if you need to use bonus code for the 5 free no deposit bonus or not. If it is required, you must use the code during the registration process.
  3. In any case, log in to the casino site with your credentials and check your profile/account page. You might see £5 in your balance. If not, you should contact customer support and ask them to activate the bonus manually.

That’s it. You can start using your bonus on hundreds of games now, good luck!

Terms & Conditions of a £5 No Deposit Bonus: Check the Fine Print

Like all other online casino promotions, free £5 no deposit casino bonuses have terms and conditions too. You should read them carefully before using a £5 no deposit bonus and especially, check out the wagering requirements part. These promotions are also subject to wagering – this means you can use your £5 budget immediately and without any limitation, but if you win a prize with this bonus, you need to wager a certain amount of money to cash it out. Sounds complicated? Here is a simple example:

  • If you have won £20 with your 5 free no deposit bonus and the wagering rate is 20x, you need to wager 400 GBP first (20 x 20).

You need to multiply the bonus amount by the wagering rate. This rate is different in all casinos, and your goal should be to find the lowest one. Here are a couple more examples to give you an idea:

£50 10x £500
£10 30x £300
£30 45x £1.350

The terms and conditions will let you know what the wagering rate is, and you can calculate the rest yourself. This is a very important thing. If the wagering rate is too high, the £5 no deposit bonus will become meaningless because it won’t be possible to complete the requirement.  Let’s say the wagering rate is 90x. Even if your bonus is £10 only, you still need to wager £900 to unlock it. This is an unfair rate, and you should avoid such bonuses.

While you are checking out the terms & conditions, make sure to check out this too:

  • The maximum bet limit: Until the wagering is complete, your maximum bet amount will be limited to a certain figure, usually £5. Learn how much you can bet on games beforehand; otherwise, your bonus may get canceled.
  • The contribution table: You need to wager money to complete the requirement, but only some games will contribute fully. These are usually slot machines: only your wagers on slot machines will count 100%. Other games will contribute much less or none. Check out the contribution table to see which games you should focus on until the wagering requirement is complete.
  • The time limit: There may or may not be a time limit to complete the wagering requirement. If there is one, make sure it is long enough. If you are asked to complete the playthrough in a week or so, you may not be able to do this.

Get Your 5 Free No Deposit Bonus Today and Start Playing!

Free £5 no deposit casino bonuses give you financial freedom, the chance to check out casino sites freely, play games with real money and keep the prize you win – they are that good. So, you should start using one as soon as possible. To start your gambling adventure with a £5 no deposit bonus, choose one of our recommended online casinos and complete the registration to claim your 5 pounds. Once again, becoming a member is enough: you don’t need to spend a single penny. We are sure that this will be a fun and profitable adventure for you. See you at the tables!