Responsible Gambling

To all online players who come to Slotmine for tips, tricks, updates and gaming information, you are advised to gamble responsibly. This means that you should be in control of your gaming experience and not let gambling affect your life negatively. Gambling online should be just a leisure activity that you do for fun and rewards your game time with cash prizes in the form of winnings.

As a member or reader of Slotmine, gambling should be for enjoyment purposes and not a full time ‘career’ that plunges you into debt and poverty. We recommend that you never spend more on gambling than you can actually afford to lose because of the urge to win more money or find a quick solution to your problems.

How Does Slotmine Promote Responsible Gambling?

At Slotmine, we ensure that players gamble responsibly through the following ways:

  • Advocate for prevention of underage gambling. Only customers over 18 years are allowed to participate in gambling, and so, our site is only open to members over 18 years.
  • Providing a safe, reliable and secure environment for those looking to improve and sharpen their gaming skills.
  • We protect the personal information of members and their privacy and don’t share it with third parties.
  • Guiding our esteemed members on the best means of payment and banking.
  • Advocate for the protection of players that are vulnerable to betting through self-exclusion. This can be done by setting betting limits, bans as well as implementing effective helplines at betting sites.
  • Protection of our members from fraudsters and other online criminals by recommending only approved sites after a thorough background check.
  • Promote fair gaming for player satisfaction by linking to websites that are officially audited and approved for impartial conducting of their gaming services.

How Do You Know That You Are Not Betting Responsibly?

If you want to know that you are not gambling responsibly or when you are having a gambling problem, here are some of the traits that you could be showing:

  1. Using your important money to gamble. For example, when you decide to spend your rent money on gambling and you end up losing. You’ll be in a difficult situation as you won’t be able to pay your rent easily on in time.
  2. Postponing work or even quitting your job in order to specialise in gambling activities.
  3. Being unable to stop gambling or even take a break.
  4. Taking loans from friends or banks to gamble.
  5. Staking so much money that is even too high for proper management of your bankroll. This increases the risk of being worse off when you happen to lose your bet.
  6. When you gamble to escape reality. For example, gambling so as to run away your life troubles. Some players also gamble in order to escape their responsibilities.
  7. For those with families, some are unable to spend quality time with their loved ones as they are ever playing online or in land-based casino rooms.
  8. Betting more frequently in order to pay a gambling debt borrowed earlier.
  9. Dishonesty to friends and family about your gambling problem, i.e., lying to your friends and family about your activities.
  10. Most addicts are so addicted to gambling that they spend the whole day thinking about their bets or following up on their running bets.

In case you have experienced any of the above signs, then it’s high time you seek professional help. Similarly, if you know anyone with the said characteristics, take the responsibility of telling them to seek professional assistance.

What Must You Do to Gamble Responsibly?

In order to gamble responsibly at any of the recommended Slotmine sites, you should undertake the following actions:

  • Only gamble with the money that you can afford to lose.

Start by taking care of all your bills and responsibilities; the remaining cash can then be used for entertainment or leisure in betting.

  • Don’t think of gambling as an easier way to making quick, easy money.

You should be aware that bookmaking is not a shortcut to riches and that it is just a fun activity that has both benefits and costs.

  • Determine a stake limit in advance.

As a player set a limit of how much you are supposed to stake on a particular game or event. This will limit your spending on gambling.

  • Establish a time limit in advance.

Like any other form of entertainment, you must have a specific time to gamble. Do not surpass the set time as it might lead to addiction and more losses.

  • Don’t gamble when stressed, depressed or upset.

Avoid gambling when stressed as your decisions will not be clear. This is usually one of the tell-tale signs of addiction. Don’t use gambling as a way of relieving stress, depression or loneliness.

  • Give yourself frequent breaks when gambling.

Whether you are winning or losing, take frequent breaks to relax your mind. That way, whether things are going your way or not you can be sure that your head is always clear.

  • Avoid chasing your losses.

If you happen to lose, do not stake more money while trying to chase your previous bet. This could easily prevent you from making proper judgements. Treat your losses as the cost of your leisure activity and accept losing as an outcome of gambling.

  • Avoid alcohol or drugs when gambling.

Alcohol and other drugs will cloud your judgement and affect your decisions which might make you lose.

  • Avoid gambling with money that you’ll need in the future.

Only gamble with disposable money you have at hand. Do not spend your future money on making a bet as it might be lost.

  • Don’t use or borrow someone’s money to gamble (debt).

do not borrow money to use for bookmaking activities. This is risky as you could end up in debt because of losing.

  • View betting as a leisure activity.

Take betting as a way of passing the time and have other leisure activities apart from gambling that can help you blow off some steam as well.

  • Educate yourself on the effects of betting.

If you’re having a serious gaming problem, ban yourself from the site completely. Seek support if you find it difficult. Give yourself time to understand your problems and how to deal with them.

Seeking Professional Help When It Stops Being Fun

If you are a frequent online casino gamer, then there’s a chance that you’ve already come across this quote ”When it stops being fun, STOP!” So, the moment you or your loved one shows signs of gambling addiction, immediate help must be sought. In the UK, for instance, GameCare is one of the largest organisations dedicated to assisting addicts. They offer free round the clock support, counselling and advice on how to deal with addiction issues.

Furthermore, you can as well sign yourself up for Gamblers Anonymous meetings where you can interact with fellow gamblers to solve your issues. Through such meetings, you will receive proper support to help you each step of the way and realise that there are actions you can take to prevent further damage. With the right kind of help, destruction of lives through irresponsible gambling can be dealt with in an effective manner. Save yourself and those you care about before it’s too late!

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